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Handel Adjustable Piano Table Lamp w Kokomo Beige Slumped Glass Shade~~~

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For sale is a piano table lamp made by The Handel Lamp Company of Meriden, CT. This table lamp is a nice size as it is fully adjustable. At its highest position it stands 15 1/4" tall and 5" at the foot's widest point. The shade has a diameter of 6 1/8". It has a fitter that works with 2 1/4" shades such as this one.

The table lamp displays an Arts and Crafts Greek key pattern on the base and an overlapping leaf pattern surrounding the exterior side of the base. The curved metal neck is what we call a "Gooseneck" and it has a bronzed patina throughout with accents of green. The neck has a bell socket with 3 screws that holds the shade and still retains its original metal flat turn key to turn it on and off. This works perfectly as the base has been professionally rewired with the brown rayon antique style cord. The lamp still has its original antique plug as well.

The base is fitted with an original Handel slumped, curved or bent glass panel shade. The glass in the shade is made by Kokomo Glass of Kokomo, Indiana and it is their most popular beige cats paws ripple glass. The lamp is fully adjustable in 2 places. You can adjust the angle of the curved arm at the bottom and you can also adjust the angle of the shade at the ratchet above the bell socket. This is a great feature and was commonly used as a piano lamp because the base is heavy and the shade is light in weight. You can extend the shade to sit over the sheet music without fear of the lamp falling over.

The lamp base and shade is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks to any of the glass. The base has normal age wear and I applied a dark brown felt to the bottom to protect furniture. This can also be used as a table or desk lamp as it is quite versatile.The lamp is unsigned and more than likely had a cloth label on the bottom at one time. There is no doubt as to the maker of the lamp as the base is a well documented Handel lamp base and the panel shade is made in the Handel tradition and is also guaranteed to be Handel. The bell fitter with the round hole is also synonymous with Handel.

I'm positive the buyer will be quite pleased with their purchase. This lamp was made circa 1905-1915.

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Go to Clements Antiques of New Hampshire's website.

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