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Hampshire Pottery, Leaf & Bud Arts and Crafts Vase Experimental Mottled Blue Glaze

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For Sale is a wonderful Arts and Crafts vessel made by Hampshire Pottery of Keene, NH. The shape is known as a "Tapered Shoulder" Vase. The Vase is a nice size to it as it stands 6 7/8" tall and is 4 1/4" in diameter at the shoulder. The mouth or opening of the Vase is 2 1/4" in diameter.

The vase displays a great Arts and Crafts pattern of carved leaves with flower buds on a stem separating them. These are done in raised relief. The vase has a wonderful deep mottled and frothy blue glaze. The bottom underside edge displays that wonderful smooth round bottom with thick blue glaze surrounding the entire bottom edge. You can see how thick this blue glaze really is. Hampshire Pottery made only 1 version of this very popular form.

The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The only excuse is 1 tiny glaze pin pop and this is considered very insignificant. The vase is signed on the bottom with the incised "Hampshire Pottery" in Script letters along with the letter "M" in a Circle to Honor his Wife "Emoretta". She was the sister of the founder, James Scollay Taft. There is also the mold or pattern number "33" and this was done in raised relief. You will also notice a number "70" with a small letter "e" just above it written in blue glaze. This denotes this glaze as a trial glaze. I have seen this mark many times before but I have never seen it with only 2 numbers and a letter. It usually has 4-6 numbers without a letter. I feel this makes this vase all that much more special than the ones that don't carry the experimental glaze mark.

Hampshire Pottery started producing Matte Glazes in 1891. This was 7 years earlier than their main Competitor Grueby Faience of Boston, Mass. Hampshire Pottery resembles the style of Grueby but were much more affordable as they were Mold made pieces as opposed to hand thrown.

This piece can be dated based on the "M" in a Circle mark. This was the mark that Cadmon Robertson used during his tenure with Hampshire Pottery. This vase was made, circa 1904-1914. Tapered shoulder vases from Hampshire Pottery are becoming very hard to find especially in this particular pattern. I'm quite sure that this pattern was created to compete with Grueby's Carved Leaves and Bud Vases. These vases are usually found in the matte cucumber green glaze, you rarely find these in the experimental blue glaze!!

This vase is an excellent example in both form and glaze and would look outstanding on that Stickley Arts and Crafts Style Bookcase. I sure the buyer will be quite pleased with their purchase.

Purchase/Need more information? Please email the vendor.

Go to Clements Antiques of New Hampshire's website.

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